Cash Handling System KA500

Cash Handling System KA500

The KA500 system from Sumetzberger allows for efficient and functional cash evacuation. It provides direct connection between the checkouts and the safe area.

KA500 systems can be built in tube size NW90 using seal bags with zip closure. They are sent directly from the checkouts into the safe to be collected for example by the security transport company.

The small-tube PTS solution has been specially tailored to the standard demands of small and medium sized supermarkets, petrol stations, cinemas, banks and toll booths.

Features & Advantages

  • Fully automatic uni-directional system for small tube diameter
  • Safety and security for cash, staff and customers
  • More user acceptance by clear, simple handling and servicing
  • Advanced flexibility in planning and installation provided by compact design and space-saving dimensions
  • Highest availability by well-engineered mechanism