O.T Lights (Swiss)

O.T Lights (Swiss)

ADMECO Lux - Airstream optimized Surgical Lights





ADMECO-Lux surgical lights were developed with one specific aim in mind – providing optimal operating theatre lights that did not interfere with air streams in laminar flow systems. The ADMECO-Lux lights were designed around these key criteria:

  • maximal flow past surface of 450 cm2
  • an open modular structure comprising individual projector heads
  • projector head measurements of max. 8 – 10 cm diameter
  • projector head length of max. 20 cm

Given these compact external measurements, temperature control needs to be extremely efficient with less than 10-watt residual energy.

The ADMECO-Lux surgical lights have both rotationpoints extremely close to the centre, allowing exceptional, near ball-joint mobility. With fingertip light manipulation ADMECO-Luxlamps can be positioned in the appropriate angle.
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