Auto unload system

Auto unload system

A hospital laboratory is a place of intense activity: countless samples arrive, are annualized, evaluated and the results passed on. Manual unloading can become a major duty in laboratories. Each single carrier has to be opened manually, the samples have to be taken out, the empty carrier has to be closed and loaded into the station for return.

Intelligent laboratory automation reduces these manual steps. Sumetzberger’s Automatic unload systems help labs to rationalize processes for higher throughput and maximum efficiency. The unloading and sending of carriers, that was previously performed manually, is automated and staff is released from these activities with low added value.

Features and Benefits:

  • More productivity and efficiency by better workflow processing
  • Improved safety and reduced risk for users by fully automatic unloading to prevent the risk of cross-contaminating and to enable hygienic handling
  • More flexibility in installation by space-saving dimensions
  • Safe, reliable operation by well engineered construction and innovative technology