Radiant Heat Warmer

Radiant Heat Warmer  </br> (56-0205-UZ)

Radiant Heat Warmer ( 56-0205-UZ)

Our range of Warmers allow you to ef=441;ciently care and provide advance warming capabilities while using one touch operations to simplify procedures. Advance microprocessor controlled system with self checkon the electronic circuitry skin/air/ manual control. It is intended for carrying out medical procedures with children, including medical examination, diagnostic procedures, massage, physiotherapeutic procedures, swaddling and clothing of the child.

Control Panel
t comes complete with automatic manual and baby (Servo) modes.
In addition, the Skin/Air temperature display is larger than  other set temperature display. Skin temperature display can be converted form °C to °F by the push of a button. Abig LCD
is provided for more information and visualizations of the heater power in manual and servo modes. Afull complement  of alarms provides safety and convenience, with both
audible and visual indicators in the event of:
• High Temp/ Low Temp • Power Failure
• System Fail • Timer
• Probe Failure • Heater fail / ON (Optional) only
visual alarm provided
Heater Assembly
The heater assembly located above the centre of the support
structure consists of an integral examination light and a 650
watts heating system (Silica or quartz /Ceramic Heater) for
quick warming and even distribution of heat on the baby bed.
The heater can be swiveled in either direction for taking X-
ray and doing procedures.
Air Mode (Optional)
The system comes with air sensor. This is added security
cover with exclusive feature of switching OFF the heater in
case the AIR temperature goes above 39°C irrespective of
what the skin temperature is at the time of event.
Manual Mode
The system automatically starts heating from 40% in manual
mode and the same can be changed through settings up to
100%. The system automatically converts from servo mode
to manual mode in case of probe failure thus providing
nonstop working of the unit.