Exhaust Hood

Exhaust Hood </br> (78-7000)

 Exhaust Hood  ( 78-7000)

• Designed to provide safety for the operator, biological protection from cross
contamination from the samples and pathological material for biological protection
being used.
• Biological protection class II
• Noise-level at workplace approx. 65 dB.
• Removes of dangerous substances from a working zone through external exhaust system.
Illuminator of a working zone with the switch:
• 3 LED lamps.
• Two sockets provided with proper earthing on the forward panel.
• One switching device.
• The body made of Steel Frame of 2 mm thick MS CR ERW Grade.
• The tabletop made of laminated MDF board.
• Inclined filter with system of fixing in two positions, a material – tempered glass.
• The curbstone at below case exhaust is made of laminated MDF board.
• The curbstone is divided into 3 compartments with two separate swiveling casements
• Provided with 2 shelves inside the compartments with doors & 3 shelves among the compartments of the curbstone.
• Provide with a corrosion-proof sink with chemically resistant mixer for cold and hot water.
• Adjustable supports for setting a stable position of the table.
Power supply:
• 220V, 50 Hz
• Power consumption is approx. 700 W