Transport of samples

Transport of samples

The departments in large manufacturing plants are often far apart from each other. In such a case, time-consuming errands can significantly affect the manufacturing process. The pneumatic tube system can help by safely transporting the samples in a fluid, solid or powder form between manufacture and the test laboratory without the loss of time and quality.

The system
The laboratory station facilitates operation with features such as gentle carrier arrival, dispatch magazine and a keyboard for selecting the returning carrier’s destination. The plant station and its operating elements are easy to use and dependable thanks to their heavy-duty construction. The microprocessor control maximizes the level of safety and reliability with its self-diagnosis feature and emergency power system.

Features & Advantages

  • Safe and reliable transport of samples in a fluid, solid or powder form without loss of quality.
  • User-friendly operation and safe handling of samples.
  • Proven technology solutions for different fields of applications.
  • Stations are designed for heavy-duty industrial use.