Baby Bassinet On Trolley

Baby Bassinet On Trolley </br>  (50-1000-UZ)

 Baby Bassinet on Trolley (50-1000-UZ)

• Designed for keeping newborn babies in hospitals.
• Round Tubular framework with Detergent and Disinfectant Resistant, Pre-treated and Coated
with Polymer Epoxy Powder Paint.
• Strong re-inforced frame work with Dual Vertical members.
• Mounted on 4 castors of 75mm, two with brakes.
• The baby bassinet can attain Trendelenburg & Reverse-Trendelenburg.
Baby crib/ Bassinet
• Made of clear acrylic/ Perspex/ Plexiglas window with pocket for baby’s nameplate and
uniformly perforated base.
• Placed on the rotary mounting frame of the bed with tilt angle adjustable ±12°.
• The Screw mechanism/Gas spring mechanism for easy fixation of necessary tilt angle of the
bassinet for more convenient placement of the baby in it.
• Baby Bassinet Dimensions: 750 (L) x 475 (W) x 245 (H) mm
• Provided with 40mm thick mattress with Leatherite Cover having waterproof, urine-proof and
fire retardant.
• Load capacity:10 kgs approx.
• Overall Dimensions : 900 (L) x 500 (W) x 1000(H) mm
• Mattress size : 62.5 (L) x 37.5 (W) x 45 (H) mm