Transport of hot samples

Transport of hot samples

The production of steel from liquid raw iron requires strict quality control during the course of the process. The fastest and most reliable way to the analysis is a pneumatic tube system. Hot and cold steel samples as well as slag can be transported safely and without the loss of quality even over long distances.

The especially robust version of the industrial pneumatic tube system is designed specifically for the transport of samples and heavy-duty industrial use. The full-metal stations and the three-way diverters in the same style in combination with conventional system components guarantee an optimal system adjustment to your operational structure.

This two- or multi-point system is suitable for transporting hot or cold steel samples due to several of its features, such as the robust metal construction of all system components and tube lines, and the gentle slowing down of the arriving carriers. Our high-grade steel carriers guarantee a safe and risk-free transport.

Features & Advantages

  • Safe and reliable transport of hot or cold steel samples without loss of time and quality.
  • Risk-free transport enabled by robust metal construction of all system components, transport carriers and tube lines.
  • Proven technology solutions, especially for the steel production and heavy industry.
  • Stations are designed for heavy-duty industrial use.