Bi-directional systems

Bi-directional systems

The dispatch of cash revenues to the main cash desk and the supply of cash desks with change are high-risk processes. Valuable working time is often wasted on these extremely dangerous errands.

Sumetzberger’s pneumatic tube systems counteract this in two ways: on the one hand, they protect your revenues and offer optimal protection from theft and robbery and on the other hand, they ensure that all cash desks have sufficient change at their check outs.

Features & Advantages

  • For safe and secure, bi-directional cash evacuation and supply with change.
  • More efficiency in the back office by automatic transport to the vault, without manually unloading of the carrier.
  • Monitoring and tracking of each transfer enables detailed documentation and statistical evaluation.
  • Additional safety features such as, for instance, the lockable loading magazines or user identification offer improved protection.
  • Space-saving, elegant design of stations can be optimally adapted to any individual market concept.