OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators

OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators

OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators

Oxygen Generator.IGS has a suitable oxygen generator for any kind of application and any flow demand.

In order to offer you the best possible solution for your on-site oxygen generation requirement we have as only supplier in the world three (3) different oxygen product groups available:

Modular PSA Oxygen Generators

This unique and patent pending product set new standards for PSA oxygen generators in terms of system flexibility, quality and efficiency. Read more

Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators

The best solution for larger oxygen consumptions. Designed for years of trouble-free continuous heavy-duty operation at low operational costs. Read more

Special Products

Special oxygen gas generating systems for high pressure oxygen cylinder filling. Turn-key installations on a single skid or inside an ISO freight container. Read more

Oxygen Generation SystemOXYSWING® Outstanding Features


Due to the PSA process, the both PSA towers are intrinsically subject to considerable pressure cycles every sixty to ninety seconds.

Safety is a fundamental issue for IGS. Therefore, product safety of all OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators is guaranteed by fatigue analysis for cyclic loads of the PSA module / tower design as well as the certification to PED 97/23/CE or ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 2.


As energy costs through the supply of compressed air are the main part of the operational costs of a PSA oxygen generator in general, IGS has dedicated special attention to energy efficiency and developed an optimized PSA process in order to make the OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators the most efficient product currently available on the market.

On site Oxygen Generator


All OXYSWING® PSA Oxygen Generators will be dimensioned to the toughest local ambient conditions at the installation site in order to guarantee the supply of the requested oxygen quantity by the customer even under these extreme circumstances