Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators

Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators

OXYSWING® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators Specifications

Compared to our Modular PSA Oxygen Generators, the OXYSWING® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators are able to cover larger oxygen consumptions.

These Twin-Tower systems are designed for heavy-duty operation, where system availability in combination with low running costs are primary objectives.

PSA Oxygen Generator.The key features of the OXYSWING® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators are:

  • High Reliability
    Low gas speeds through the adsorber beds, first-class components, stainless steel valve bodies and instrument air tubing, heavy-duty industrial PLC. It should work. Always.
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
    Energy cost is your major expense, not depreciation. Fast pay-back assured. Let OXYSWING® really make you save money.
  • Easy Integration
    All system tie-in points on one side in order to facilitate the installation of the plant and the integration with your existing equipment.
  • Safe
    Heavy-duty adsorber vessels, designed and certified for an unlimited number of cyclic loads.
  • Customization
    An extended list of options allow you to define your specific OXYSWING® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generator adjusted to your individual need.


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