OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generators

OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generators

OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generators

Modular Oxygen Generator.The unique and modular design of the OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generators (international patents pending) offers you the following advantages:

  • Unlimited Flexibility
    The best fit solution to any oxygen supply requirement. No risk for excessive oversized systems.
  • Easy System Adjustment
    In case your oxygen supply conditions will change, simply adjust your OXYSWING®system by varying the number of PSA modules. Just by yourself, no other modifications to the system required.
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
    Energy cost is your major expense, not depreciation. Fast pay-back assured. Let OXYSWING® really make you save money.
  • High Reliability
    First-class components, stainless steel process piping and valve bodies, heavy-duty PLC. It should work. Always.
  • High Oxygen Discharge Pressure
    Unmatched high oxygen discharge pressure which allows direct oxygen supply to your application without the need for expensive oxygen boosters. Reliable and no additional investments.
  • Compact
    No other PSA oxygen system on the market with such limited space requirements. Ideal for container solutions.
  • Easy Fleet Management
    Identical components for the entire model range = limited spare part management, easy maintenance.
  • Certified Medical Device
    Certified as Class IIB medical device according to the Medical Device Directive 93/43/CE. Approved for intensive-care oxygen supply.

Flexibility & System Upgrade

Each OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generator can easily be upgraded at any time simply by adding modules or by installing a so-called Dual-Bank in parallel without additional modifications.

A Dual-Bank is a PSA oxygen generator identical to the standard OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generators, but without PLC and power supply, and which will be installed parallel to the standard generator. The Dual Bank will get its power and control signals from the OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generator through a single cable connection (master/slave principle).

One OXYSWING® PSA oxygen generator is able to control up to maximum of two Duals Banks in parallel.

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