Sumetzberger’s concept of improved shop security offers a series of customised solutions. The outstanding Safe Line system was developed as a closed cash handling system that guarantees maximum safety and efficiency.

Today, many organisations rely on the Safe Line system to organise the cash processing in the back office area substantially easier, more space-saving, and safer.

Owing to the fully automatic opening mechanism, the money already sent to the main cash desk is transported to and unloaded directly into the vault fully automatically. The carrier does not leave the system and is therefore available at any time.

Features & Advantages

  • Fully automatic unloading technology for tube diameter NW160.
  • More efficiency in the back office by automatic transport to the vault, without manually unloading of the carrier.
  • Space saving storage of cash deposits. Only the cash, not the carrier, is deposited in the vault, so you can save money because of less work for the cash transport company
  • Highest availability by well-engineered mechanism and outstanding technology.